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Meet Oxygenceuticals

The Top Korean Aesthetic Brand

We are an Oxygenceuticals exclusive Skin Clinic. With this amazing line, you can breathe life into your skin. This is a client favorite and #1 seller here at Lavish. There is something for everyone. Oxygenceuticals is changing skin with superior ingredients and technology, one face at a time. 

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Meet Rezenerate

The Leader in Nano Technology

Rezenerate is the only verified Nano Device On Market of Beauty & Technology. This amazing device helps microchannel serums deep into the skin without needles or pain. This device uses a 24kt gold nano chip for microchanneling.


Meet SkinscriptRx

Award Winning Skin Care Line

Skin Script products were designed and developed under the direction of highly-respected physicians and aestheticians to create a unique skincare line to treat their clients’ top concerns while improving their skin’s appearance and repairing damaged skin. Targeting concerns of aging, acne, clogged pores, fines line, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, we achieve advanced results.

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Meet Face Reality

Award Winning Acne Line

Face Reality has 90% success rate for our Acne Clients. This has been an award winning skincare line for several years. The education for clients alone is the reason we chose this line for our clients. We are ready to help you on your journey to clear skin.

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